Radiant Mind, coffret de 7 CD audio, Enseignement de Peter Fenner (en anglais)

dimanche 14 avril 2013
par  fiche endommagé.

En complément du livre de Peter Fenner : "Radiant Mind" traduit en français sous le titre L’Esprit Lumineux, il existe un coffret de 7 CD audio d’enseignements et de méditations guidées de Peter Fenner, en anglais.
Pour les personnes à l’aise avec l’anglais, je les recommande :

Nondual awakening—the liberating realization of oneness—is the pinnacle state in many contemplative traditions. While the simple beauty of this teaching has captivated many modern spiritual seekers, the social conditioning of our culture often creates barriers for Western practitioners that even the most advanced Eastern masters have never personally encountered. Now, Peter Fenner—a mental health expert and longtime student of many Tibetan masters—has created a practical approach to applying the wisdom of nondual awakening. On Radiant Mind, this revolutionary teacher brings Western listeners his highly accessible, step-by-step approach to "unconditioned awareness" in a full-length audio curriculum, featuring : * Specific techniques to track the depth, duration, and purity of your nondual experience * How to identify the places where you are "hooked"—and tools for becoming unstuck * Re-visioning your rational mind as an ally—not an obstacle—in your practice * Guided meditations and visualizations for integrating the transcendent state into every part of your life, and more With his expertise in both Buddhism and psychotherapy, Peter Fenner is uniquely qualified to bring nondual practice—called "the ultimate medicine" by Tibetan masters—to a modern Western audience. Radiant Mind is a chance for listeners to experience the powerful and precise student-to-teacher transmission for transcending suffering, healing our wounds, and experiencing oneness with all that is.
Peter Fenner, Ph.D. studied as a monk for nine years with many notable Buddhist lamas, including Sogyal Rinpoche and Thubten Yeshe. He pioneered the nondual approach to psychotherapy, founded the Center for Timeless Wisdom, and has authored numerous books, including The Edge of Certainty (Nicolas-Hays, 2002).